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Lufti’s wild search

Crazy picture puzzles here – simply click on the picture and search.
Or download pictures and print them.

Around the World

Count how many Luftis there are in the picture.
There are 14 Luftis in the picture.
How many sights can you find?
There are 11 sights.
Which countries did Lufti travel to?
Italy, China, France, Russia, Germany, Australia, Egypt, USA, Great Britain, Brazil


How many different animals can you see?
There are 14 different animal species.
Can you find the chameleon?
It is in top left corner.
How many butterflies are there in the picture?
There are 5 butterflies.


Where is Lufti?
Lufti swings in the top right corner between the two pylons.
Can you find the parrot?
The parrot is sitting in the tree on the right side.
How many black cats are hidden in the picture?
There are 2 black cats, one to the left of the tent, the other one on the white trailer with the blue roof.


Count the Luftis in the picture.
There are 8 Luftis.
What space vehicles can you see?
rocket, 2 UFOs, sputnik, satellite, moon robot
How many stars are there in the picture?
There are 10 stars and a shooting star.

Children´s room

What animals from the jungle can you find?
Crocodile and jaguar are laying in front of the bed.
Can you see the zebra?
The zebra is sitting in the wagon of the wooden railway.
How many pens are there?
Overall there are 12 pens.


Can you see the fox and rabbit?
Fox and rabbit are sitting on the right side of the farmyard.
Can you see the owl?
The owl is sitting in the tree on the right side.
A tortoise has hidden itself on the picture. Can you find it?
The tortoise has hidden itself in the high grass by the pond.